Monday, August 25, 2014

G2014 Brisbane Australia Summit - You're Not Welcome Leaders.

If our world leaders were doing the right thing and taking care of their people in their own countries, then they would not need so much security, heavy police presence and a seclusion zone for residence or civilians.

The simple fact security is stepped up and strict restriction and movement is implemented when leaders visit other countries such as the G20 summits, clearly proves they know they maybe targets of angry protesters demanding better living conditions, justice and a fair go in life for all.

It is so evident, that these leaders know they cannot and do not help the people and thus they know the people will protest and voice their concerns, needs and requests.

They must hate being shown what they do not do or and ignore.

With police and military presence holding back protesters and rallies, sometimes with force, tear gas or rubber bullets, shows how much the people are willing to fight for the their rights and be heard.

So it is clear these so called leaders are NOT here to work out the worlds problems, otherwise they would not hold back the people, they would not be so scared and they would listen to the people.

If anything, the police and military presence should be to protect the people from these evil leaders.

There just here to talk about making more wealth for themselves and waste time, tax payers money and get a free holiday to talk shit.

G20 Summits - What a Joke!
Stay Out!

Here is their greedy agenda and schedule:

Notice all of the filthy banks discussions.

Not 1 session to talk about..

medical needs
elderly needs
disability assistance
terrorism concerns
increased wages for the people
better living conditions

just to name a few.

What a selfish, greedy and pathetic summit.

Check out the ridiculous amount of security for these Zionists. bullshit website:

The promises: DERP

We Are Anonymous -

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