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All the Evidence you need to know Schapelle Corby is INNOCENT.

If you actually read, view, watch and think about all of the information below in this post, you will understand just how corrupt our country is and how evil the mainstream media are.

The lies, The Cover-Ups, The Censorship's, The false accusations, the betrayal for money, the deception, the smear campaigns and a whole lot more will make you sick, when you realise Schapelle Corby is and has always been INNOCENT and was a victim of being used as a drug mule and then used as a political prisoner for political gain and sacrificed as expendable.

The wise reader who reads this post, is encouraged to forget and erase all of the lies and brainwashing the mainstream media has presented over the years for money.

Including magazines, papers, programs, talk back shows, radio news and third party gossip stemming from the above.

All of the gossip you easily believed will be thrown out the window when you follow along and take the time to investigate and learn the TRUTH.

If you have read this far then we can tell you, anyone who comments in a negative way are clearly sheeple, trolls or plain fools who could not be bothered to actually research truth even if their life depended on it.

#FreeSchapelleCorby #Schapelle

Let's start of with some FACTS:

1. Schapelle Corby's boogie-board bag was the only one not scanned at Sydney Airport: it was diverted past the scanner by baggage staff. Customs Minister Ellison withheld this life critical information, even when Schapelle Corby’s lawyer asked directly about scanning. [Transit Report]

2. This information was also hidden from Parliament, when direct questions were asked, and critically, it was withheld from the Bali court. John Howard, and his long term colleague, Head of Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, Max Moore-Wilton, were also aware, but remained silent. [Transit Report]

3. The AFP never investigated the reason for this missing screening data, and AFP Commissioner Keelty, who was also informed, never commented upon it. Keelty was also aware, via Operation Mocha, that the same baggage handlers were simultaneously engaging in other drug related activities. [Transit Report]

4. Schapelle Corby checked her bags in underweight, but they were subsequently found to be 5kg overweight on the Qantas system (which would have carried an excess charge of $175). This clearly indicated the addition of a significant weight factor, after the bags left her hands. [Transit Report]

5. Again, neither Schapelle Corby, nor the Bali court, were ever provided with this critical information. [Supplementary Report]

6. Two weeks before the verdict, AFP Commissioner Keelty told the media that there was no evidence of airport drug syndicates using innocent passengers, when this was clearly, demonstrably, and utterly, false. The AFP had held the Kessing Reports for months, and it withheld a host of other vital support evidence, which proved the long term and systemic nature of such syndication at Sydney Airport. [Transit Report]

7. The AFP and DFAT demonstrably evaded and frustrated the forensic and DNA tests which Schapelle Corby begged for in court. [Mutual Evasion Report]

8. The AFP told Parliament that it couldn't perform marijuana pollen tests, when it had the capacity to do so, and indeed, had originally offered to perform them for the INP. It also refused the services of a forensics expert, who had volunteered to perform them. [Mutual Evasion Report]

9. Ellison subsequently told a clearly false story about marijuana testing, in a written letter to a constituent. [Mutual Evasion Report]

10. DFAT did not invoke the MACMA treaty to obtain the sample of marijuana (for DNA testing) which Schapelle Corby begged for, when it could have done so within the provisions of the treaty itself. [Mutual Evasion Report]

11. The AFP and Qantas provided wholly contradictory stories about the missing CCTV footage, which Schapelle Corby pleaded for. No footage was ever provided, from any airport, despite over 800 cameras being in situ. [Transit Report]

12. Foreign Minister Downer, and Prime Minister Howard, publicly endorsed the original Bali trial, when they were well aware that a multitude of legal and human rights abuses had been committed throughout. [Bali Trial Report]

13. Ellison publicly endorsed the burning of the physical evidence, whilst Schapelle Corby pleaded desperately for it to be preserved and tested. [Mutual Evasion Report]

14. DFAT have, de facto, endorsed and suppressed the ongoing and documented abuses of a mentally ill Australian citizen for more than nine years. [Health Report]

15. ACLEI, when forced to examine the AFP's role in the affair, was directly and demonstrably complicit with an AFP officer, in producing a report which was an utter embarrassment to all parties. A functionary, who was at the heart of the Howard regime when the AFP abuses occurred, was allowed to rubber stamp ACLEI's complicit rubber stamp. [Whitewash Report]

16. The government pressed and forced an Australian QC, Mark Trowell, on to Schapelle Corby for her appeal. He then decimated the appeal by attacking her defence team to the media. When he subsequently admitted that he was working for the government, and not for Schapelle Corby, the government refused to comment. The precise role of Justice & Customs Minister Ellison in this affair, Trowell’s long term friend, has never been explained. [Insider Report]

17. Downer and Howard publicly described a standard flour hoax at the Indonesian embassy as a “murderous attack”, using a “biological agent”, when there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it wasn’t benign. Neither of them revealed that the note included with the flour didn't refer to Schapelle Corby at all, and was written in Bahasa, when they promptly blamed it on her supporters. [PowderGate Report]

18. Ellison did not alert any of the parties necessary to prevent the false, but support-wrecking, story from circulating around the world. Yet, he was informed of the benign nature of the flour, by email, at 6:35pm on the same day. [PowderGate Report]

19. The government seized Schapelle Corby's book royalties under proceeds of crime legislation, whilst she was still in legal process in Indonesia, sending a clear signal to Jakarta. It further brought the judiciary into disrepute, by illegally extending its jurisdiction outside Australian borders, and holding secret trials, at which Schapelle Corby was not even represented. [Political Seizure Report]

20. The government thus denied her the funds for a further appeal, and for on-going medication, despite full knowledge of the nature of the original trial, and of the vital primary evidence which had been wilfully withheld. [Political Seizure Report]

21. Dozens of breaches of the Freedom of Information Act, with respect to requests made on behalf of Schapelle Corby, have been recorded. The AFP alone has spent in the region of $1 million in frustrating efforts to obtain further evidential information. [FOI Abuse Report]

22. The AFP suppressed a secret recording of two known criminals discussing the collection of marijuana from Sydney Airport on the same day that Schapelle Corby flew to Bali. [Candidate Sources Report]

23. The Commonwealth Ombudsman has supported the government with respect to every complaint ever lodged relating to Schapelle Corby by members of the public. The same applies to the ACMA, the OAIC, and every other quango presented to the public as a ‘watchdog’. [Quango Report]

24. . Serious media abuses, including direct criminal matters, such as phone hacking and illegal recording, were submitted to the Finkelstein media inquiry in 2011, but were excluded. Compelling evidence of political interference with respect to the ABC, and of subsequent editorial and reporting abuses, continues to be ignored. [Media Reports]

25. The Attorney-General refused to accept a formal Crime Report, including a 450 page evidential Addendum, which documented serious breaches of the law by politicians and the AFP. [Crime Report].

About Operation MOCHA:

It is important to understand about this operation that was well into it's operation finding out who all the big players were involved with drug smuggling as a huge syndicate via Sydney Airport including the NSW Crime Commissioner Mark Standen, now serving 22 years in prison for his role, he also seized all of the CCTV footage that would have cleared Schapelle Corby, proving she was a victim of being used as a Drug Mule.

Now for some intense investigation into every detail that clearly proves Schapelle Corby is Innocent.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Thanks to our good friend Gerry Georgatos

Other links and videos:

Corby sister sues best friend, Today Tonight:

Channel Seven guilty in Corby defamation case:

Corbys sue Seven for damages:

Schapelle Corby's family sues major publisher over photos:

Today Tonight successfully sued by the Corby Family from previous past smear campaign.

NOTE: The Bali Court Case

The Judge only found her guilty because of 1 fact...

that drugs where found in her body board bag when she got to Bali, and she admitted the bag they showed was her bag.

Strange fact is, they weren't in her bag when she handed her oversize body board bag at the Qantas check point at Brisbane Airport.

Since Mark Standen the former NSWCC seized all CCTV we will never be able to view this image, interestingly as it is on this person, Mark Standen, he is now serving 22 years in prison for a DRUG SMUGGLING plot through Sydney Airport, no wonder he took all the CCTV from 3 airports, because he did not want eyes on his operation, he would have stood to lose Millions.

Again remember about Operation Mocha.

Downfall of a top crime fighter: Standen gets 22 years for drug plot:

Other Points to keep in mind:

* Convicted although Innocent
* A massive 20 year sentence for 4.2 kilos of dope
* No support from AFP or Aust Government.
* Her Father died without being able to say goodbye
* Knows her mother is not coping at nights
* Had her book royalties taken illegally
* Been used and tricked by greedy people
* Been lied about for years
* Is a political prisoner
* Has had her life turned upside down
* Has been lied about by the Media to sell magazines
* Has been lied about by so many people
* Been slandered
* lost her young adult life
* Did not get a fair trial
* Did not receive the help she requested for her trial
* Is a victim of ignorance from her own citizens
* Her luggage was weight in at 60K but 65 at Bali
* The Bali Judge would not accept many valid points or statements
* She was interrogated for hours
* The media see Schapelle as a money maker for them
* The media offered people money for lies
* Smuggling dope into Bali is like Smuggling cocaine into Columbia
* No financial gain whatsoever
* No motive
* No CCTV whatsoever


Anonymous Video we have re posted explaining certain facts and to encourage people to wake up!

Anonymous Supports Schapelle Corby Video:

All of the information above has been gathered, thanks to those who love truth and justice and who have dedicated so much time and money to spread the truth at the website below.

We Are Anonymous encourage you to view this website and watch the video that tells all.

All information and truths the AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC WERE NEVER TOLD:

Also see and visit her dedicated supporters below:


Now, we just have to find a way to erase all those lies we were told and brainwashed into believing and find out a way to Wake People Up.

Only a fool would believe gossip today from any source and only a stupid person would chose not to do their own investigation into any matter.

The information above we have presented is BULLET PROOF.

Only until one learns the truth and sees the horrible lies about Schapelle Corby and how her family have been abuse because of so many people spreading and believing these lies, can one really comprehend just how much of a survivor and fighter our innocent Schapelle Corby is.

Shame on our Government
Shame on the AFP
Shame on the Mainstream Media
Shame on those who have profited from Schapelle's situation
Shame on those who have spread the lies and gossip
Shame on those who know more facts and withhold them
Shame on those who know more info and have withheld it
Shame on those who know the truth and keep silent
and Shame on those who do nothing about this case that had
the power to do so.

* We are Anonymous would like to encourage anyone with video footage from either Brisbane Airport or Sydney Airport proving Schapelle boogie board bag does NOT show 4.2 Kilos of marijuana, to come forward Anonymously, so we can show the world once and for all.

I personally will make sure your identity is kept secret no matter what, even if I have to go to prison.


"Come home to Australia soon Schapelle, with your head up high".

We are Anonymous,
we are legion,
united as one,
divided by zero,
we do not forgive,
we do not forget,
Expect Us!

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