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How to Remain completely ANONYMOUS when using the internet.

How to Remain completely ANONYMOUS when using the internet.



We Are Anonymous is going to teach you how to remain anonymous when you need to, when using the internet.

You must NEVER break the rules below and you must do everything exactly as we suggest.

1) Buy an old laptop with built in WiFi from a second hand store or from someone selling one in a newspaper at the back FOR SALE section.

Example: Cash Converters or another pawn shop like them.
Back of Trading Post: Any publication selling laptop computers.

* RULE *

You must pay by cash, no CC or electronic fund transfers, only by cash and DO NOT give out your information on purchase, it is only second hand and you have no need for warranty or anything else, do not give the seller or shop any personal details.

It would be ideal if some one else went in and bought it for you.

Always be aware of CCTV cameras in shops, however, unless the laptop is lost and then found, depending on the amount of time, they may trace it back to the shop, so your best on scratching out the serial number on the back.

2) If not already installed, install a fresh copy of your preferred OS (operating system).

* RULE *

DO NOT use a copy of a OS you have already installed for you home or other computer, it has a serial that can be identified.

Buy a second hand OS also from anywhere you like and again pay only cash.

This way your OS you install cannot be traced back to you.

3) When you have your OS and ready to install it, go somewhere that has free WiFi or a internet cafe or another place that can allow you to connect to the net.

* RULE *

Never under any circumstances turn this laptop on at your home or work or friends or families house, it may be trace back to you or the place you connect via WiFi.

This laptop is only to be used on a FREE public WiFi location.

** Always keep in mind CCTV Cameras it is best to disguise yourself or connect from within a car, close to the WiFi signal **

Example, Fast food restaurant or train station or shopping centre.

4) After you have installed your OS and done all your updates, you can install programs from CD's but NOT ONES you purchased, only ones you have burned or just download programs from your WiFi location of your choice.

Now your ready to go and you can use this laptop and do whatever you need to.


* Never use this laptop at your own home.

* Never forget to turn it off before you come near your home location and never turn it on near your home location.

* Never let anyone else take this laptop away because you do not know where they will use it, unless you are with them and it is at a safe WiFi location.

* You can install software using a USB stick if you need special programs or just other programs you wish to use.

* When you re-charge this laptop at home, never turn it on, it can only be turned on far away from your home location and turned off far away from returning to your home location.

* Do not have any stickers or identifying marks on this laptop.

If you buy a USB WiFi, NEVER pay with your Credit Card or Debit card, always pay with cash and keep the same rule for when topping up your account. (If you wish to use a USB WiFi).

* If you follow all of these steps and follow the rules, you should never be able to be traced for any of your activity over the internet.

* Lastly, DO NOT log into any of your social media accounts or view your families social media accounts, this laptop should only be used for doing whatever you need to do to remain Anonymous.

* Never use your real name to open accounts on this and do not talk to your friends on this, it is only for the purpose of doing what you need or want with fake accounts or if you want to hack and not be traced then this is perfect.

Break the rules and it is your fault.
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