Sunday, July 20, 2014

Australia, Rally against Israel's brutality in Palestine QLD

Australia, Rally against Israel's brutality in Palestine QLD

  Today's Rally against the brutality on the Palestinian people from Israel.

Today's rally was a great turn out with hundreds in support of the brutality against the Palestinian people from Israel and the killing of innocent children, woman and civilians.

There were many speakers with a lot of zeal and passion for the Palestinian people speaking about the truth of what is happening in #Gaza and the ignorance from not only world leaders but from the mainstream media and the world, who have been deceived by the media as to the truth about what is really happening in #Palestine

This was a very well organised event with no trouble or problems a peaceful rally participated by families, many children, Aussies, Palestinians and many others just showing their support for #SaveGaza and for the continuous onslaught and killing of innocent young babies and children the world is turning a blind eye too.

Where is the United Nations (AKA United Nothings)?
Where is the support from world leaders?
Where is the truth from the Mainstream Media?

Speaking to many people today from Palestine was truly amazing showing their gratitude and appreciating for joining them and spreading the truth about what is happening in their country and too their people.

There will be another Rally soon should anyone like to support #FreePalestine if you missed today's.

Anonymous members also showed their support for the Palestinian people all over the world because "It is not about Religion, it is about humanity".

Here are many pictures of today's rally.

We Are Anonymous

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