Friday, June 27, 2014

I support Anonymous.

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  1. Up until lately, I have gotten by on an associate's degree in computer science that I obtained in the early 90's. I have passively learned new things in IT for the past 20ish years. No more.
    I have admired the Anonymous tenets and actions for some time now but have always sat back and smiled at most things that the group has been involved in. Anyhow, things in my life have changed (for the better and worse) and I have been inspired to get off my laurels and continue learning as much as I can about all things IT. It is all thanks to your group. Today, I received several books that will help me to remember the things I've forgotten and learn new skills for the future. Thank you Legion.
    As of today, I'll no longer learn reactively or passively. Starting today, I hone my skills to be proactive.
    Whether the world admires you, fears you, or hates you, WE all respect you.